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Standard Cart

The Standard Cart offers more space and versatility when configuring your response needs.

Phuematic Tires Fork Lift Slots Guard Rail Storage Adjustable Tow bar SCBA Storage Bins Storage Drawers Tripod Holder


  • Size: L x W x H
    12 gauge Steel with 1.5” angle frame and
    full steel pan
  • Weight:
  • Color: Red
  • Decal: 3” White letters on two sides (3-lines of 15 characters)
  • Wheels: Casters
    10” pneumatic rubber tires; front wheels swivel with brake
  • Tow Bar: 4” Ring with hand grips
    (locks in upright position)
  • Storage: Four (4) Drawers - 1-4”, 2-8”,
    and 1-12”
  • Bins: built-in storage for 75’ ventilator duct, Saddlevent, and 2-SCBA (in carrying cases)
  • Barricades: 2-31’ folding steel barricades
  • Lock: Key lock


  • Height: 6” Extra Height
    (added storage capacity)
  • Length: 9” Extra Length
  • Drawers: Additional 8” Drawer
  • Roll-out Tray (replaces fixed bottom shelf)
  • Lock-In/Lock-Out (on drawers & trays)
  • Brackets: for Tripod, Forklift, Barricade, Davit-Arm, etc.
  • Bungee Cord (tie-downs)
  • Matting (on all horizontal surfaces)
  • Retainer Top (1” lip on three sides)
  • Colors: Blue, Green, Gray, Sand
  • Lock: Hasp; Keyless,
  • Tires: Foam-filled; solid; or polyurethane
  • Trailer hitch: (for in-plant towing only)

Storage Capabilities Overview

Guard Rails Ventilation Equipment Respitory Protection SCBA Worker Communications Trail Hitch Option Gas Detection & Instrument Storage Tripods and Hoists Safety Harnesses

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