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Special Safety Carts

Argus-Hazco can custom build special carts to meet your specific needs. Below are examples of some of the special carts we have built over the years.

Rescue From Heights Carts
Recue From Heights Cart  
Recue From Heights Cart
Features Multiple Cabinets
Equipped with Special Barricade Brackets
Rescue from Heights Safety Cart

How to Order Special Safety Carts

It's simple. Contact us to begin the process, we can help guide you through the design specifications.

You will need to specify the type of applications for which you are creating a cart (i.e. spill control, confined spaces, fall protection, etc.). This includes the typical equipment your team uses to respond to events.

In addition to manufacturing the cart to your specifications and assistance in developing the right design, Argus-Hazco can provide the right equipment to fill your cart. Our years of experience and our product resources provide you with the best of both worlds.

Designed for specific equipment
ERT Spill Carts

ERT Spill Cart

The ERT Cart shown at right, is a
prime example of a special purpose cart.

  ERT Spill Cart
Runway Spill Response
Runway Spill Cart   Runway Spill Cart
SCBA Deployment Bracket
Holds Waste Drums and has Grounding Straps
Oversized Carts
Oversized Confined Space Cart
Oversized carts can be a practical method of storing equipment and have a response program.
DPS Ventilator Cart
Ventilator Cart  

Ventilator Cart deployed

Ventilator Carts provide a compact and convenient method of storing ventilation equipment, including the blower, hoses and vents. Shown above in use offering quick deployment.

Contact us for more information or to place an order.

Bottled Air Carts - Electronic Alarm Version

This MULTI-PAK™ version of the large 2-bottle air cart has an electronic high intensity low pressure alarm system that is enclosed in a rugged Air Systems' case. All the high pressure fittings and hardware are mounted in the case to prevent damage from dust and environmental conditions. The alarm system operates on 2 each 9-volt batteries and comes standard with a remote alarm jack for remote low pressure signal alarms.

Open View of Air Control Box
with Electronic Alarm

Dimensions:  62"H x 25"W x 30"D w/ cylinders

  Air Systems MULT_PAK Bottled Air Cart

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